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It Has Been Too Long...?

Has it really been this long? Well, like with all of my good intentions another one bit the dust, and here we are.....a month plus has gone by and I am just now getting around to addressing you and the internet again - thank you for sticking with this!

A lot has happened at Green Paws over the past month so let me take this moment of your attention, to draw your attention to some of the awesome updates that have appeared:

New Logo! Drawn by David Rapuano

  • New Logo

  • New Instagram Profile Page

  • New Social Media Logo

  • Testimonial Page! I would absolutely love it if you would leave Green Paws and me a review!

  • I got a Mentor

  • Updated Service Offerings


At least that is how I feel after finally announcing it and now I can move on to more pressing things, and probably the reason for this month's (super late) blog post!

I have a Back-to-Dog School Workshop coming up this weekend (10/01/2022), and the great news is that the weather looks amazing, and I cannot wait to hang out at the waterfront park and look over Lake Champlain.

The unfortunate sad news is that this is a one time deal! And not only that, but it is a FREE one time workshop. To ring in my birthday month, to ring in the new school year, here is to: hello autumn, happy birthdays, hot ciders and warm blankets.

In all honesty though, I have been racking my brain about how I can give back to my community, my friends and my clients. So this cute thirty minute workshop came to be, that I would love for you to attend!

Now, let me explain why I chose a back to school theme and what I think of when I imagine my terrier and border collie sitting in school and learning about. Basic obedience, basic settling skills, and most important a guideline for you, the pet owner, the handler, to become the treat master. Elevating your treat giving mechanics will not only benefit your dog and her learning ability, but it will decrease time spent teaching your dog.

During this workshop, we are going to focus on you as the handler, and your responsibility to your dog and to your community when you take your dog to public places. Your dog will be asked to settle during my teaching and/or explanations.

Scared yet? You should not be as we will chat more about how to train a settle, reinforce it, and ask for it at the workshop! After this we are going to give our dogs a break. I know, we have not actually asked our dogs to do anything, but let us replay what we just did. We asked that our dogs settle. Again, not terribly hard, not very mentally engaging, and definitely not exhausting.

Addi. Captured by Isora Lithgow Creations

But wait. This is a new environment! This is a new place, new people, new dogs and oh my goodness some very good smells, that all require our dogs' attention. The fact that she chose to engage with you, and maybe even listen to you, is huge! Still a little confused? I am hopefully going to have a foundation course online in a couple of month that will go into greater detail.

But I am getting off-track. Back to the workshop talk, after our play break, we are going to ask our dogs to re-engage with us, and walk inside and outside circles, heeling, loose leash walking, and overall being able to bypass bystanders with and without dogs. Best dogs get a prize for having been able to complete these challenging setups, and a pdf emailed upon completion of the workshop of setups, rules, and treat mechanics presented.

If you have made it through this far in the blog post, I want to thank you for your time in reading and engaging with my content! If you have boarded your dog with Green Paws, or you have trained with me, I would love it if you would leave me and Green Paws a testimonial.

Thank you so much for being in this space.

Two Fluffs Given,


From left to right: Rylee, Addi and Bella hanging out in the backyard. Captured by Isora Lithgow Creations

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