Come to Essex Junction and train privately with me (Addi)!

During this time, I and my dog knowledge are all yours! Ask questions, get help, learn rally, teach recall or simply work on agility/obedience and get pointers, tips and tricks, and real world experience in a fully fenced in backyard!

Residential training is for those dogs and owners that are experiencing trouble, bad behaviors, naughty tendencies, aggression or reactivity issues and is conducted at your house*!

As a canine behaviorist I focus on why your dog is reacting, and help give you a clear insight into that behavior. From there I help come up with a training plan that is customized to you and your dog's needs.

All residential trainings require a one-time initial assessment to discuss expectations, come up with a training plan, and get you started on the right foot.

Boarding is directly out of my house with my two dogs!

I only accept four additional dogs at a time, and am always booked up for the month ahead!

If you need boarding, I require a meet and greet beforehand in order to ensure that your dog will get along with my dogs. 

I no longer accept dogs that I have not met before under any circumstances. A vet release form and media consent form will be send out upon booking with Green Paws, as we respect your privacy.