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Green Paws was founded to help dogs and their owners to come back together. We focus on the relationship and friendship between dogs and their handlers to help guide the training process.

Green Paws was also founded because boarding places did not offer the kind of service that would have made Addi feel like she could leave her dogs behind.

The individualized approach Green Paws offers to training and boarding is one of a kind. Green Paws tailors training and coaching programs to each dog using a tool-free LIMA approach, and even during boarding the brain is working!

Whether you have a new pet or already own a pet with behavioral challenges, we are here for help, support, and guidance.

The Team

Addi is the shepherdess, trainer and owner at Green Paws. She has lived with dogs her entire life, and got her start in dog training from her mother.

Addi's mom was involved in agility, obedience and SAR (search and rescue) in Germany with her French Briard, Aika. She traveled to different venues and searches before having children.

Mom imparted the importance of asking for respect from your dog, consider their boundaries and to have certain expectations. Using force free, positive reinforcement, and LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) my mom was able to communicate clearly with any dogs.

Addi was fortunate enough to be taught by her mother, and later train her first dog (Rylee) under her guidance and expertise. It was during these training sessions, that Addi understood that giving her dog a clear path, direct guidance and help made all the difference. Having the support of a dog trainer and being able to learn how to communicate, elevated Addi's and Rylee's relationship and made them inseparable.

Getting a border collie caused a lot of havoc in Addi's family with her mom insisting that Addi should give Bella the chance to work sheep and see if that is what she was meant to do. After months of searching Addi found the Dog and Crook Farm in Pittsford, Vermont, where Jim McRae herding tested Bella. The rest is very much history and a complete 180 on Addi's and her dogs' life.

Rylee is a Jack Russell Terrier (DOB: 08/2014). A few of the common breed personalities are jumping, running in circles and nonstop barking. Addi's parents clearly had no idea when they gifted Rylee to her. Rylee, however, is different. Having been born in Germany, Addi brought her over to Vermont in January 2015. She was a college student, wasn't allowed to have a dog in her apartment, and Rylee just hated being left alone. Addi alternated between bringing Rylee to her friends, to classes and even had her mom watch over her via FaceTime.

Since those college days, Addi and Rylee have come together. They built their confidence and overcame a lot of their insecurities. Addi started Rylee in agility, went to several trials, including the USDAA Regionals in 2019 and the UKI virtual Canadian Open in 2020 placing in the top three in agility and jumping. Nowadays their life looks a little different, but the same nonetheless. They go for hikes, walks and annoy sheep for fun, as Rylee retired from the agility ring in late 2020.

Bella is a Border Collie (DOB: 10/2020). Addi had a lot of reservations about getting a dog breed that is known for its endless energy, constant need to work and no off switch. Bella while being all that, is also the most loving, snuggly and respectful dog.

Bella was meant to herd sheep. She loves it and wants to do it, and Addi has catered to that need for the better part of almost three years. The relationship that has formed between them is nothing short of magical and wonderful. Bella being the border collie that she is, will find a job if Addi does not give her a job, and that job is probably not to anyones liking. Herding training has given Addi insight into dog training that respect for and from dogs that she only dreamt of until then. 

Jim McRae, Jack and Kathy Knox allow their dogs to make mistakes, to learn from experience and to help the dogs to think through problems rather than drilling in the skills and mechanical behaviors. After Addi's grandmother passed away in February 2022, Addi started working at Dog and Crook Farm to help Bella and her become better at stockmanship, read sheep better and grow as a team.

Dog training is not a straight easy road. It can be fast, it can go incredibly slow. The amount a dog can learn and the time involved is solely determined by the dog.

If you do not give up, it may actually turn out rewarding...

this thing they call dog training.


GreenPaws Team Members

30+ years of dog experience and counting

8 years of training dogs in agility, obedience and rally

3 years of experience in sheep herding


Hanah Leo

R+ Trainer (Jan 2021)

Handler and owner of Charlie, Rescue 8 years old. Hanah rescued Charlie last January 2021, and they both have had a rough journey getting started in their relationship, but have made amazing progress over the past year!

We are happy to say that Hanah has agreed to oversee dog boarding during the days that Addi is busy, help with training classes, train Charlie with Green Paws, and learn as much about dogs as possible!

Hanah is finding most of her training style from Susan Garrett and is VERY positive reinforcement focused!

Addi von Eynern

LIMA Trainer (Dec 2014),

Canine Behaviorist (Jan 2022),

Owner at GP (Jan 2022)

I have lived with dogs for 30+ years, and having a renowned dog trainer in Germany as a mother, changed my entire view point onto dog training and still does to this date.

In the winter of 2014, I returned to Germany to pick up my first dog, Rylee, Jack Russell Terrier. This started my journey of ever continuing to learn about and use limited invasive, minimally aversive dog training techniques rooted in mutual respect.

Now having sheep of my own, I am working daily to become a better shepherdess, dog trainer and partner for both of my dogs, and my clients' dogs.


LIMA Trainee (Dec 2014),

3rd Place in 8" at the Canada Open by Video, on Aug 2020 in The Omega Alpha BIATHLON,

2nd Place in 8" at the Canada Open by Video, on Aug 2020 in The Offal Good Treat Co SPEEDSTAKES challenge,

2nd Place in 8” at the Canada Open by Video, on Aug 2020 in The Omega Alpha GAMES challenge,

2019 USDAA Regionals in RI participant

9 year old Jack Russell Terrier. Addi's first dog and soulmate. Addi could not wish for a better life companion, running and work out partner. Rylee is her partner in crime, always willing to showcase how much she can do, if she wants to, and Addi provides proper motivation.

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