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At Green Paws, we help our pet clients and their human friends make the most of their friendships and relationships. We know that each animal is different, and we work with you and your pet to provide a tailor-made training plan and guidance, that creates long lasting change in your dog. Whether you have a new pet or already own a pet with behavioral challenges, we are here for help and support.

The Team

My name is Addi and I am the owner and canine behaviorist at Green Paws. I have lived with dogs my entire life, and was introduced to dog training by my mother, Anne.

My mom was involved in agility, obedience and SAR (search and rescue) in Germany with her French Briard, Aika. Unfortunately, having us, kids, made traveling across the country a bit more difficult, and so she focused on us. Sorry Mom!

Mom imparted the importance of asking for respect from your dog, considering boundaries and having certain expectations from dogs. Using force free, positive reinforcement, and LIMA (least intrusive, minimally aversive) my mom was able to communicate clearly with any dogs.

I was fortunate enough to be taught by my mother, and later train my first dog (Rylee) under her guidance and expertise. During our training sessions, I noticed that having a clear path forward for Rylee's training and getting the support from a trainer, made all the difference. She imparted on me the ability to listen to each dog, and be present.

I am now a student at The International School of Canine Psychology & Behavior studying to receive my diploma as a canine behaviorist. They employ a force free approach which aligns with my personal LIMA training style.

Rylee is a Jack Russell Terrier. And if that is not causing you to at least cringe and worry about my sanity, then you do not know the breed: Big personality, tiny body and a lot to say. Jumping, running, nonstop barking and lunging are just a few of the staples when hearing about their breed. Rylee, however, is different. Having been born in Germany, I brought her over to Vermont in January 2015. I was a student, wasn't allowed to have a dog in my apartment, and Rylee hated being left alone. I shuffled her back and forth from friends to bringing her along to my classes to having my mom watch over her via Facetime.

Over the years, we came together, overcame a lot of insecurities and built Rylee's (and my) confidence. We have competed at several agility trials, including the USDAA Regionals in 2019 and the UKI virtual Canadian Open in 2020 placing in the top three in agility and jumping. Nowadays our life looks a little different, but the same nonetheless. We go for hikes, walks and annoy sheep for fun.

Bella is a Border Collie. I think high energy, constant work and entertainment come to mind, but while she is all of that, she is also the most loving, snuggly and respectful dog.

Bella wants to work with me, wants to engage in a relationship with me and can possibly do anything. We started herding in the late spring of 2021, and it has given me an insight into dog training, and respect from and for dogs, that I had only dreamt of until then.

My herding trainer, Jim McRae, allows the dogs to make mistakes, to learn from experience and to get them to think through problems rather than drilling in the basics of sheep herding. We (Bella and I) just started working on his farm to give us a better idea of sheep farms, sheep and how to be a stock dog and shepherdess.

Bella knows everything, and I know very little. It is because of mutual respect, that we are able to work together and be able to perform our job.

Dog training is not a straight easy road. It can be fast, it may be slow. Dog training and the time involved, is determined by the dog, who is being trained.

If you do not give up, it may actually turn out rewarding...

this thing we call dog training.


Dream Team Members

30+ years of dog experience and counting

8 years of training dogs in agility, obedience and rally

2 year of experience in sheep herding


Hanah Leo

R+ Trainer (Jan 2021)

Handler and owner of Charlie, Rescue 8 years old. Hanah rescued Charlie last January 2021, and they both have had a rough journey getting started in their relationship, but have made amazing progress over the past year!

I am happy to say that Hanah has agreed to host a dog daycare during the days that I am busy, help with training classes, train Charlie with me, and learn as much about dogs as possible!

Hanah is finding most of her training style from Susan Garrett and is VERY positive reinforcement focused!

Addi von Eynern

LIMA Trainer (Dec 2014),

Canine Behaviorist (Jan 2022),

Owner at GP (Jan 2022)

I have lived with dogs for 30+ years, and having a renowned dog trainer in Germany as a mother, changed my entire view point onto dog training and still does to this date.

I have enrolled in the International School of Canine Psychology and Behavior, and am studying to become a canine behaviorist!

In the winter of 2014, I returned to Germany to pick up my first dog, Rylee, Jack Russell Terrier. This started my journey of ever continuing to learn about and use limited invasive, minimally aversive dog training techniques rooted in mutual respect. 


LIMA Trainee (Dec 2014),

3rd Place in 8" at the Canada Open by Video, on Aug 2020 in The Omega Alpha BIATHLON,

2nd Place in 8" at the Canada Open by Video, on Aug 2020 in The Offal Good Treat Co SPEEDSTAKES challenge,

2nd Place in 8” at the Canada Open by Video, on Aug 2020 in The Omega Alpha GAMES challenge,

2019 USDAA Regionals in RI participant

8 year old Jack Russell Terrier. My first dog and soulmate. I could not wish for a better life companion, running and work out partner. Rylee is my partner in crime, always willing to showcase how much she can do, if she wants to, and I provide proper motivation.

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