This training was great! It gave me confidence in how to properly train my dog. He was a better listener by the end, and even back at home. Addi lead by example and showed us what to do. My dog listened perfectly to her, which also gave me hope. I hope to go back for further instruction when needed.

Damini F.


Addi is so great with our large and challenging Malamute. She has a way of commanding respect from our dominant dog while being calm and kind. She is very patient with us and breaks down training methods and suggested house rules, but also explains why. Thanks to her, we’re getting better at communicating, setting boundaries, and bonding with our dog. We recommend Addi to anyone seeking a stronger connection with their dog!

Krista H.


Super knowledgeable, very welcoming. Addi is confident and deliberate in her actions, my mind is at ease given her capability. My reactive/nervous dog was able to relax during their first meeting. Thanks Addi!



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