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Green Paws

Finding the least intrusive, minimally aversive way to train and board dogs!


Hello, and welcome to Green Paws!

My name is Addi and I am a Vermont, United States based positive and tool-free LIMA dog trainer. I am also studying to become a canine behaviorist and am a few months away from that (updated JAN2023)!

Dog behavior is very intriguing to me and I spent a lot of my free time reading about psychology, behavior modification and been listening dog training podcasts on the daily.

Do you feel frustrated by your dog's behavior(s)?

Does your dog respect you?

Can you bring your dog anywhere with you?

Do you live in peace with your dog?

Did you find yourself agreeing or disagreeing with any of the above questions? Did it feel like I pinpointed your problem or you have a different adverse behavior situation at home? Maybe you just need to have a little extra support to help you get that last leg of your training done.

Utilizing a clear and direct approach in my coaching and training style, I try to build you up and teach you about your dog.

My individualized coaching programs guarantee a hands-on approach, homework feedback within 24 hours and an honest approach to dog training. Never feel left wondering if you are on the right training path between your training sessions. Receive training advice in writing and during our sessions.

Click the link below and get in contact with me!

I am here to help you and your dog find your way to each other again.






Holly & Ollie


Contact Me

12 North St, Essex Junction, VT 05452, USA

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