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Finding the least intrusive, minimally aversive way to train and board dogs!

Hello! Hi!

Welcome to Green Paws!

My name is Addi and I am a tool-free LIMA dog trainer and shepherdess.

I successfully completed four different courses for canine behavior, own seven sheep (and counting) and have been involved in dog training for almost 30 years.

Dog behavior is very intriguing to me and I spent a lot of time reading about dog psychology, behavior modification and listen to several dog training podcasts. Twice a week, my border collie and I learn more about shepherding and sheep husbandry from shepherd Jim McRae. In addition to him, we attend several sheepdog clinics with Jack Knox or Kathy Knox each year, and recently started trialing in sheepdog trials along the east coast.

The knowledge I have gained through my work and podcasts plus the knowledge of my mentor Jim McRae have elevated my approach to dog training to be more clear, direct and fair to the dog and their handlers. I provide structure and clear instructions to make living with your four legged friend easy and manageable.

Most dog training methods have limited handler involvement. My dog training, however, needs you to step up and be present for your dog. I am going to be honest here and say, that without your input, that this method won't work for you and your dog.

I offer several board and train options for behavior modification or sheepdog training. In addition to the traditional boarding out of my house.


I am going to give your dog 100% of my time and ability.

I am going to share my knowledge and ~30 years of dog experience with you. 

I am here to help you and your dog find a way to each other again.

If that is via a coaching program or a board and train program, please reach out, so I may be of service to you and your dog.


Board and Train


Coaching Program




Contact GreenPaws


(802) 242-8255 (text only please)

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12 North St, Essex Junction, VT 05452, USA

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