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Services at Green Paws

Residential Training


Initial Assessment

Reaching out to someone in regards to training, is honestly the first step in realizing that you and your dog have come to a point where you both need help to continue moving forward in your training journey. So thank you for taking this first step!

Residential training sessions require an initial assessment before starting sessions. I am going to explain the initial assessment. 

I will meet you and your dog at your house at a scheduled time for 60/30 minutes. During the 60/30 minutes I will observe the interaction and relationship between you and your dog, and any behavioral nuances that you would like me to look for and assess. We will then discuss the problems I see and any additional concerns you may have after we go through the worksheet.

If you decide to work with me we will set your training goals and homework and come up with a customized training package that suits your needs best.

I am a LIMA dog trainer and canine behaviorist. LIMA stands for least intrusive, minimally aversive, and encompasses a lot of different dog training styles and schools.

My main training focus is positive reinforcement and force free. My main objective is always the dog, and being fair to the dog.

After the initial assessment is complete, you have 30 days of access to me via text or email

LIMA Description
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