Services at Green Paws



Meet and Greet

I only accept two/four additional dogs at a time, because my boarding program is directly out of my house with my two dogs.
The boarding dogs become part of my family, get free roam of the house, and become a part of my routine and schedules (even sleeping on the couch/bed with me and my dogs).

In order to ensure that this cohabitation will go as easily on everyone as possible, I need to make sure that boarding dogs get along with my girls and with me. It makes no sense for me to board a dog that is too stressed out to enjoy boarding at GP.


I am studying to become a canine behaviorist and take into account how the dogs interact with each other, with me and being in a new place. In order to be able to do that, I schedule a "meet and greet" before I agree to board any dog. My clients' dogs safety, my dogs' safety and my own safety are too important to me to not take all of those things into consideration.


The "meet and greet" is scheduled for 15/30 minutes at my house at a time that is most convenient for you. We go over the general schedule, routine and what we do all day here at GP and what happens when it is raining...during the 15/30 minutes my dogs and your dogs will get to know each other in the yard (weather permitting - indoor space available)


You are encouraged to ask questions! We will talk about a boarding day at GP and address any concerns you may have. We will also go over your dogs's routine, health concerns and I'll provide you with a list of things to bring so that their stay here is safe and comfortable! This way I can guarantee that your dog is getting the attention that they deserve and provide you with the security of endless photos and videos each day.

30 Years and Counting

I have been surrounded by my family dogs and clients' dogs for close to 30 years at this point, and have enjoyed meeting all kinds of dogs, and assessing their needs prior to them boarding at my house.

I have two dogs myself, one being a seven year old Jack Russell Terrier (DOB: 2014) and the other a 20 months old Border Collie (DOB: 2020).

Both of them tolerate almost any dog after proper introduction, and make the transition for boarding dogs from home to being away, very easy! Both of my girls are kind, respectful, playful (terrier more so than the border collie) and always up for a walk, hike or training session.

Boarding dogs are treated like family. They get to sleep in bed with me, snuggle on the couch or hide in one of the many open crates around the house.

During the day we usually practice quiet and calm behaviors with potty breaks and an afternoon walk. Towards the end of the day, we go for our big evening walk, usually covering between 1-3 miles. Boarding dogs get to play and run around on long leashes to stay close for loads of treats.