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Resources & Tips

We know you love and care for your pet, and that their well being is of the utmost concern. Here we’ve provided some helpful resources if you are looking for pet-related information. If you have additional questions, we are here.


Dog Behavior

Periodically updated to include more and more information around dog behavior between dogs and also between humans and dogs.

Stay tuned as new exciting things are coming to GP!


Veterinarians in the area that have treated and are treating my dogs.

Going to start including information about pet insurances as I experience that world!

Resources to find a good veterinarian and things I look out for, when choosing a new vet.


Enter the world of LIMA!

LIMA is an acronym and is short for "Least Intrusive, Minimally Invasive". But what does that actually mean in terms of dog training?

Well the IAABC has worded it as good as you can so I am going to give all of the credit to them and reference their definition. Click here to read it!

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